Evaluation of applications with the new iPad app

Thomas Ottosen

Many foundations are working with a committee evaluates applications based on various parameters. Applications is set to a committee of the Secretariat and must now be professionally assessed. Committee members log on OpenFlow and reads, score or set of applications to support. There are still funds as print and distribute applications.

All this is over now with our new native app - when the Secretariat recommends applications for review by a committee - the committee members log on via, for example. their Ipad. From here, all applications available - online and offline. The app provides the same tools available as OpenFlow and judgments made in the app directly transferred to OpenFlow, so that together the committee may review applications with input from all committee members. After the applications are set to support or refusals removed from the app so that committee members see only the applications they need to judge. Other features of the app include:

  • Agenda for the meeting of the committee, including documents and other materials to members
  • Access to documents attached to an application - even in offline mode
  • Adding applications to personal list
  • Free text search in all fields of applications


We work with Xamarin to ensure that our app works as a native app. on IOS, Android and Microsoft. Everything is stored via realm.io directly on the app. Via OpenFlow API to fetch and write data to the app. Applications converted to PDF and it is possible to draw and add comments to individual fields of application - eg. can a budget, or a total requested amount will be highlighted and commented upon.

We look forward to giving the Committee a new tool for assessing applications.