A complete online grant management platform


With Openflow, you can manage the entire end-to-end application and communication process, providing secure access to specific individuals to manage various steps (or all steps) within that workflow. The following diagram is just one example of a six-step process.

With OpenFlow is it easy to build web forms for data collection.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Make it easy for grant applicants to work from any mobile device including their smartphone or tablet.

  • Smart Validation and Navigation

    Create easy to use, intelligent forms that validate input data as the applicant completes each field.

  • Seamless Branding and Visual Identity

    Customise forms with your own URL and look to align with your charity's unique identity and branding.

  • Automatic PDF AcroForms Conversion

    Save hours of manual re-work, converting your existing PDF forms into an HTML microsite on the fly.

Improve decision making with greater transparency

Free yourself from fixed formulas during application assessment. Build assessments based on a single criteria central to your priorities. For example:

  • Degree of Innovation
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Qualifications and Technical Skills
  • Cooperation

Openflow even lets you select your overall assessment as a weighted average, allowing decision-makers to disqualify themselves during specific applicant assessments. All ratings are stored in the system and can be easily transferred to email or communicated to the applicant through their personal log in.

Openflow stores all data, making it accessible in one location to easily monitor, review, and evaluate.

  • Create an Audit Trail

    Access your complete grant application history including an audit trail of the person responsible for directing, adding, and processing each application. Openflow also provides the capability to audit or manage areas like public funds.

  • Analyse and Export Data

    Use Openflow’s built-in search capabilities to quickly and efficiently locate specific data for analysis or reporting.

  • View Live Infographics

    Present key information on your website to display, for example, your foundation’s impact or other relevant metrics using stunning live infographics.

  • Report on KPIs

    Get the most out of your data, improving analysis for future strategic initiatives. Export data into your own analysis systems and formats or develop your own data dashboard directly in Openflow.

  • Employ Role-based Management

    Create and edit access to different areas and functions, providing applicants with online access for current activity and completed application status.

  • Get Alerts and Notifications

    Get notified when grant applications meeting your criteria are submitted and processed.

A complete grant application & management platform

Openflow has been designed to provide charitable foundations and trusts with a comprehensive future-proof platform complete with foundation management and efficient digital processing. The platform is not based on other, third party systems or licenses, offering the ability to adapt functionality to meet your specific needs without costly upgrades.

Enjoy an all-in-one solution that meets your exact requirements, processes, and workflows.