NRGI Foundation

Board decision dashboard, content and risk assessment and budget management.

The choice of donation platform NRGI's value pool fell on OpenFlow.

NRGI writes about the pool: To ensure the visibility of the value creation for shareholders through the payment of annual rebates and increase the individual member involvement, there is created a value pool which aims to provide grants for projects in the supply area.

Board decision dashboard
The solution itself is built around Openflows core function of quality and "Board decision dashboard" which prove Board, a committee review applications and configure applications with real time data, based on list view of applications. The tool is targeted at board meetings in funds - where applications are to be adjusted or rejected. Typically, the board needs to a budget overview - based on the distribution of applications. It could also be distribution of donations by geography, category of application or type of candidate. Everything done in "real time" so that the Board always has a comprehensive overview of the budget and applications.


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