DANVA Foundation

DANVA is an independent non-profit association funded by its members and by commercial activities supporting all who work professionally with water and sewage. 

DANVA's vision is for Denmark to be the country with the world's best supply of clean drinking water, wastewater management and flood prevention through climate adaptation. The DANVA organisation will work for and with its members, to make Denmark a global centre for knowledge on water and climate solutions, resource efficiency and integrated management of the entire water cycle. DANVA will accelerate technological progress and access to new markets.

To create new green initiatives, DANVA created a new development fund which will support development work between water companies, manufacturers and consultants. The DANVA foundation selected Openflow as the grant management application and donation platform.

The Foundation uses a two step application process. An initial brief is announced and responses to an expression of interest are assessed by external experts working from an initial criteria. Once reviewed, the applications with the "best fit" are invited to complete a more detailed application - this is done via the Openflow application portal, where an applicant can save and create an application. The grant application can be entered and saved as a draft before finally submitting to the fund. Completed grant applications are assessed by the Foundation staff within the Openflow system before the successful applications are selected and awarded support and funds.

Openflow offers applicants a simple and user-friendly digital application process. Forms and status of the procedure is readily available, and the built-response functions for security and safety for the application and appendices meet the form and time requirements.


Improve decision making with greater transparency

Free yourself from fixed formulas during application assessment. Build assessments based on a single criteria central to your priorities. For example:

  • Degree of Innovation
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Qualifications and Technical Skills
  • Cooperation

Openflow even lets you select your overall assessment as a weighted average, allowing decision-makers to disqualify themselves during specific applicant assessments. All ratings are stored in the system and can be easily transferred to email or communicated to the applicant through their personal log in.